Joe Arragutainaq

Joe Arragutainaq was born in 1936. His testimony includes information on the use of dog teams. He notes that dogs were used for travel and hunting, and that they were extremely reliable. Joe recalls that the RCMP arrived in the South Camp at Sanikiluaq in order to kill dogs. His father’s dog was shot. Joe also remembers that the dogs had to be vaccinated. Eight of his father’s dogs died after receiving these vaccinations. Joe recalls that his family was forced to leave all of their belonging behind during relocation, but that they were provided with a house to stay in for what was initially $2 per month. Joe recalls relocation with resentment. He states there was no wildlife in the area where they were relocated. Joe and his father were sent to Hamilton and Moose Factory for treatment of tuberculosis. He states that he was abused by a staff member while in hospital. Joe now serves as a representative on the QIA , and as chairperson on the Sanikiluaq Housing Board.