Joshie Teemotee Mitsima

Joshie Teemotee Mitsima begins his testimony by recalling the beatings he received while attending Apex Federal Day School and Sir Martin Frobisher School from 1965 to 1970. He remembers receiving a particularly violent beating from a principal when he was 8 years old, after he had defended two black girls that were being harassed at school. Joshie’s testimony includes his recollection of one his own dogs being shot within the community of Apex Hill. He states that the dog was shot by RCMP Special Constable Paul Idlout on the orders of another white RCMP Constable. He states that his dog was untied by Paul Idlout. The dog was shot while running towards Joshie, putting him also in harm’s way. Joshie recalls his father’s anger following the incident. He remembers his father wanting to shoot the RCMP officer, but instead he, and a group of fellow Inuit men beat up the officer in charge. They were never charged following this incident. Joshie states he feels ashamed that the Government of Canada has never acknowledged the dog shootings, the seizure of Inuit homes of the contribution of Inuit persons to Canadian society.