Joanasee Kuniliusee

Joanasee Kuniliusee was born at Ipaksuk in 1935. He grew up in various camps. Joanasee states that his dogs were never slaughtered, although he testifies that the RCMP in Pangnirtung did shoot loose dogs. Joanasee says that being evacuated was the most hurtful thing that happened to his family. He states that he and some other men were out hunting, and when they returned to their camp it was empty because the women had been evacuated by the RCMP. The men went to Pangnirtung the next day. Joanasee testifies there was no reason for the move as they were not lacking for anything in their camp. Joanasee and his wife later moved to Qikiqtarjuaq to be closer to family. In 1957, Joanasee was sent to Hamilton for treatment of tuberculosis. He testifies that he was treated like a prisoner on board the C.D. Howe, and was made to work on the ship without compensation for his services.