Jaypeetee Kudlualik

Jaypeetee Kudlualik was born outside of Pangnirtung in 1954, and lived in an outpost camp outside of Cumberland Sound, near Pangnirtung. In 1967, his family was told to move to Pangnirtung by the RCMP, and they did so by dog team. He testifies that they were pressured to move in order to receive health care and education. Jaypeetee states that six months after relocating to Pangnirtung, their dogs were slaughtered because a new ordinance was passed that did not allow dogs in the community. He states that there were 17 dogs in total, and that they were shot gradually as they became loose. The dogs were shot by RCMP officers. Jaypeetee states that they lived in a qammuq upon arriving in Pangnirtung, and a few years later they received a house. Jaypeetee attended school for two years in Pangnirtung, but then he quit in order to help support his family. He eventually moved to Qikiqtarjuaq in his twenties. In Qikiqtarjuaq, he hunts and works seasonally.