Jaykolasie Killiktee

Jaykolasie Killiktee was born at Guys Bight, east of Pond Inlet, in 1947. He lived in Gise Bit until his family was advised to move to Pond Inlet in the 1960s. Jaykolasie recalls that he was one of the last men to retain a dog team after moving. He notes that they were advised to keep dog teams tied up, and that loose dogs would be shot. After a number of years in Pond Inlet, his dogs were shot. This occurred before his family acquired a snowmobile. Jaykolasie recalls that they had no housing allocated to them after the move, and that initially his family was forced to live in a tent on the beach. He also remembers watching a father and son crying after the child was taken away from his father and forced to attend school. After his dogs were shot, Jaykolasie eventually found employment during the construction boom and at the Pond Inlet Co-op. His testimony also includes information on health care. His grandmother was transferred south and never returned. They were never told of her passing. He said that these incidents had a traumatic and profound effect upon the people.