Bud Neville

Bud Neville was born in Pembroke in 1925. He was employed by the Northern Administration Branch, and in 1962 became Chief of the Welfare Division. He later volunteered to go to Resolute Bay, and worked at an isolation hospital during an outbreak of the measles. Bud was posted to Frobisher Bay as Administrator of the Eastern Arctic, and from 1957 to 1958 he helped to develop the Frobisher Bay Rehabilitation Center. In 1958 he was assigned to the Keewatin District to help organize the relocation and transition to Rankin Inlet. Bud's testimony includes information on housing and the pace of change in the north. He also discusses the problems the Inuit had in finding the resources to feed their dogs, and he notes that many dogs were starving to death. Bud states that police encouraged the Inuit to keep their dogs tied, and that no shots could be fired unless sanctioned by headquarters. Bud notes that dogs were gradually being replaced by skidoos.