Elijah Padluq

Elijah Padluq was born near Kimmirut in 1941. He lived in various outpost camps before his family settled permanently in Kimmirut in the 1960s in order to receive family allowance. His testimony also includes information about family life in outpost camps, and housing in Kimmirut. He recalls his mother being evacuated on the CD Howe and sent south to be treated for tuberculosis. He also recalls the limited communication his family had with her. Elijah testifies to a positive relationship between the Inuit and RCMP officers. He recalls sled dogs being very useful to the Inuit, especially for hunting and trapping, until they were replaced later on by snowmobiles. Elijah does not recall RCMP officers shooting dogs, although he does recall there being loose dogs in the community. He also recalls Inuit shooting dogs themselves when they were sick with rabies or other diseases. He does not remember any cases of dog maulings.