Goteleak Judea

Goteleak Judea was born in 1940. He was evacuated to Halifax in 1945 for medical treatment due to severe migraine headaches. He returned to his community in 1946. In this interval Goteleak learned to speak English. When he was 12 years old Goteleak worked aboard Rupert’s Land, an HBC ship . His family relocated to Kimmirut in order to receive a family allowance. During a hunting trip with his uncle, Joanasie Lyta, Goteleak witnessed an RCMP officer shooting two of his uncle’s dogs, including the lead dog. In Kimmirut, Goteleak was directed by his uncle to kill 11 of his own family’s dogs. Although tied up, these dogs were to be shot under orders from the RCMP. While Goteleak was in Iqaluit unloading supplies from ships, he saw the RCMP shoot dogs that were tied up.