Simanuk Kilabuk

Simanuk Kilabuk was born at a summer camp on Breborne Island in 1944. After his mother passed away, he moved to Iqaluit with his father in 1949. His testimony includes information regarding camp life and dog slaughter. Simanuk became responsible for his own dog team at age 14, and he recalls that in 1959 the RCMP began gradually killing dog teams. After his own dog team was killed, Simanuk had to walk to school at Apex. Simanuk testifies that the dogs were not tied up at this time as it was believed that dogs that were tied up became weak. He believes that it is likely that they killed the dogs because the scavenging dogs at the community dumps growled and scared people. Following the dog killings, Simanuk was forced to walk a long distance to hunt because skidoos had not yet been introduced.