Thomas Kublu

Thomas Kublu was born in 1941.He lived in an outpost camp called Nunatsiaq until his family was relocated to Pond Inlet in 1962 as a result of pressure from the RCMP and social services officials. His submission to the Qikiqtani Truth commission presents detailed information about the distress felt by his relatives when they found out that they had not been told of his father's death a long time ago in a southern hospital. He also describes the travel conditions of the relocatees to the high Arctic that he witnessed when the CD Howe went by his community. He describes the way all his dogs were gradually shot while he was in Igloolik working a day job. Some dogs got loose because he did not have proper ropes, and they were shot if he did not get a chance to tie them up right away. Thomas mentions the early death of three of his siblings. He believes that these deaths were directly connected with the education system. Thomas feels that the government owes the Inuit an apology and compensation for the educational system, the relocation, and the slaughter of dogs imposed on the Inuit.