Malachi Arreak

Malachi Arreak was born in Cape Christian in 1964. He lived in Cape Christian until 1966, then Igloolik, before relocating to Pond Inlet in 1968. He notes that his parents were forced to move seven times, and that each time they had to start over as the RCMP and Coast Guard did not bother to move his parents’ belongings. He received his early education in Pond Inlet, and then attended schools in Port Hope and Frobisher Bay. He also attended Carleton University. Malachi worked in social services in Iqaluit before creating his own business, called Innirvik Support Services. Malachi’s testimony includes information on dogs. He notes that they were symbols of status and independence for Inuit males, and that the loss of dogs meant a loss of pride and status. He testifies that in Pond Inlet, men lost their sense of place within Inuit society because they had no dogs, and had not yet received skidoos.