John Illupalik

John Illupalik was born in 1954 in Qikiqtarjuk. His testimony includes information about his experience of health evacuation and his experience at the residential school. After being mauled by his brother’s dog, he was sent to Montreal for treatment for a few months. He was six years old and felt very lonely. When he went back to Qikiqtarjuaq, his friends had gone to the residential school. He could not wait to go himself and learn how to read and write like his older sister. He was eventually sent to school in Chesterfield Inlet where he experienced homesickness, especially because he was separated from his best friend. His stay at the residential school changed him and made him feel like his parents were strangers when he eventually when back home. He was deeply affected when priests at school demeaned his parents’ beliefs in shamanism and he still struggles with it.