Silasie Angnako

Silasie Angnako was born near Pangnirtung in 1937. He grew up outside of Pangnirtung. He states that he traveled to Pangnirtung by dog team in 1961, and that while there, three of his 18 dogs got loose and were shot by police. Silasie says that he received no warning beforehand. He recalls that the people were relocated to Pangnirtung by the RCMP. Silasie moved after most of his dogs had died of illness and he had only three left. He recalls being dropped off in Pangnirtung with little to no instruction or help. He and his wife lived in tent when relocated, and he recalls the cold conditions. Silasie states that he obtained a skidoo, and so did not try to re-establish his dog team. After living in Pangnirtung, Silasie moved to Grise Fiord, Resolute and Qikiqtarjuaq.