Eunice Allianaq

Eunice Allianaq was born in 1941. She has worked as an assistant with the courts for the past seven or eight years. Her grandparents adopted her at the age of five or six and raised her with their other children in an outpost camp in Arctic Bay. She moved to Hall beach at the age of seventeen with her widowed grandfather so that he would be close to his son and daughter. At that time Americans were already living at DEW Line camp and other Qallunaaq were living in the area. Eunice’s family continued traditional hunting practices with sled dogs. Her husband traded at the Hudson’s Bay Company store in Hall Beach and in Igloolik. Eunice and her husband returned from Caribou hunting one day to find their dog team, which had been tied up, dead. Her husband was affected emotionally by the dog killing but he was able to replace the dogs. Her husband was also one of the four men who relocated the graves in the 1970’s. He was never compensated for this work. Eunices also describes an incident where her son was promised a substantial cheque for a seal skin but they never received it.