Meekeeseetee Saila

Meekeeseetee Saila was born in 1939 near Kinngait. As a child, he moved to Iqualuit when his father went there to find a job. He testifies on behalf of his father who passed away. His lengthy testimony includes information about the shooting of three of his father’s dogs by two RCMP officers in Iqaluit. Meekeeseetee remembers that because his father did not have proper ties, the dogs chewed them up and got loose. They were shot without warning. The loss of the dogs affected his father’s and his own ability to travel and provide for themselves. He does not remember being provided with any assistance by social services for the hardships his family experienced in Iqaluit. Meekeeseetee recalls that there were numerous dog carcasses at the dump. He returned to Kinngait in 1970 to live with his wife.