Qarpik Pudlat


Qarpik Pudlat was born in 1952. He lived in a camp with his family until they were relocated to Cape Dorset (Kingait) by boat. At the camp, Qarpik's father, Amayolik, had nine or ten dogs. The dogs were not slaughtered by the RCMP but it was known that the Government did not want the family to have their dogs. Before relocating, Amayolik was told by the RCMP to kill his dogs and he did so. Qarpik notes that the dogs were well-behaved, cared for, and in good health. He believes that Inuit were generally aware that loose dogs would be shot in Cape Dorset. Qarpik's mother, Mary, was sent South at one point for two or three years when she was diagnosed with TB. They had no communication with her while she was gone. The family lived in qarmaqs at the camp and the children learned by watching their parents. There were no nurses or doctors so they had to travel to Cape Dorset for medical care if necessary. They also went into Cape Dorset once a year for trading.