Mucktar Akumalik

Mucktar Akumalik was born in 1932 in Kaarvik, an outpost camp near Baker Lake. His family settled in the Tununirusiq area in 1949, and was relocated to Arctic Bay (Ikpiarjuk) in 1966. His testimony includes information on dog regulations and shooting. Mucktar was a dog catcher for about three years. He also helped the RCMP vaccinate dogs against rabies. He states that he was never paid for his work as a dog-catcher. Mucktar explains that he always gave warnings to owners of loose dogs before shooting the dogs. He does not remember any dog owner being angry at him or challenging him. He also remembers people asking him to shoot their unwanted dogs when they acquired ski-doos. Mucktar is actively involved in the healing process in his community.